This veteran’s best friend is his Service Dog. You won’t believe who he chose to be the Best Man at his wedding!

The answer can’t be more obvious

Service Dogs are crucial elements in PTSD therapies and aiding people with physical disabilities. And this is how this story starts. Justin Landsford (the Groom) met Gabe who was trained as assistance dog for veterans with physical disabilities.

They have become best friends ever since. Carol (the Bride) soon came into the picture and when it came to deciding who the Bets Man would be the answer was obvious: GABE (Justin’s buddy and Service Dog) – without a doubt.

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Gabe has become an essential member in this newlywed couple’s family. Carol and Justin have a loyal companion who has made their life better in every way.

Justin and Gabe met in 2013 through the Warrior Canine Connection, a group that hires veterans to train service dogs for their fellow veterans with disabilities. Justin, who had his left leg amputated after an IED attack in Afghanistan, was paired with Gabe largely for mobility assistance.

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“We were figuring out wedding details and one of us just mentioned, ‘We have to figure out what Gabe is going to wear”.

“I heard that everybody just instantly went, ‘Awwww,’ and then every cell phone in the place came out to try to get pictures of them,” Carol said.

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In addition to helping Justin move steadily and fetching objects that are out of his reach, Gabe also provides invaluable emotional support for his dog dad.

Although research is ongoing to determine whether support animals clinically benefit those still recovering from the mental stress of combat, dogs can still be a vital part of the healing process. And Gabe is no exception.

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