This dog and his sidekick went missing but stuck together through the ordeal

Question is: Who’s the sidekick?

The family who finally found K2 (the missing dog), soon learned that he wasn’t alone. They corralled him into their yard in order to call animal services, but they noticed the most bizarre thing. There was a Pig roaming right behind.

It turns out that these two are family pets who wondered off their owner’s property through a broken fence and managed to complete a 3 mile journey into the unknown.

When ‘Animal Services’ Officer arrived and tried to take K2, Petey this Pig got a bit upset. That’s when everybody finally understood these two were inseparable buddies.

See how their owners finally found K2 and Petey, thanks to Fox 13 News. What a great story:

K2 and Petey- Best of Friends – Lost and Found

source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay

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