This homeless man was offered shelter and he said: “NO”!

Even though it was below zero outside, he still said NO – Here’s why:

It was just too cold outside and for Bernard Holland an Indianapolis homeless man, not being allowed to bring his dog ‘Oreo’ inside with him, was just not an option. So despite the frigid temperatures, he insisted on saying: “No”.

That’s just how close a man and his dog can become. Bernard was willing to die if necessary, but leaving Oreo behind was simply unacceptable. Unfortunately, shelters do not accept pets.

DLC WS 258

Thanks to Horizon House’s humane endeavor, they managed to get Oreo fostered at The Wigglebutt Doghouse. They not only sheltered Oreo, but paid for his Vet bills and gave Holland a part-time job.  Watch how this true life story, where doom was imminent, turned out to be a new life opportunity for Bernard and Oreo, thanks to the warmth of generous these hearts.

source: You Tube Channel Answers Video

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