The Top 10 (Canis Lupus Familiaris) in the World

When we compile a group of dogs categorized as the Strongest Dogs in the World, we agree with the opening statement of this video: “the vast majority of dog breeds do not constitute any danger to man”. As a matter of fact, most of the breeds you are about to see have been tailored by the men and women. It is men who carefully cross breed in search of special characteristics and expectations may sometimes be Machiavellian.

So if you happen to own one of these beautiful breeds, please be sure to raise them with kindness and compassion. Dogs are animals and they obey to instinct rather than to rationality. You have to know how your dog behaves and reacts to certain stimuli and act accordingly.

Behind every aggressive dog, there is an aggressive owner. Behind every loving dog, there is a loving owner. Please keep this in mind at all times. Your pet will thank you for it.

Measuring strength can be a bit tricky. Comparisons must be made on equal terms, so experts on the matter suggest a pound by pound and/or bite force comparison. If you would like more details on these two concepts you might want to have a look at these two posts:

• Pound for pound – Dog Strength Facts You Should Know

• Dog Bite Force – Now Which Is The Strongest Dog?

Disclaimer on the Strongest Dogs in the World

This article gathers a group fo dogs who have proven to have very high pound by pound pulling strength and bite force. It would be naive to say they are the absolute strongest. There are dozens of other strong dogs that could be added to this group. However, finding data and facts supporting their strength is not necessarily easy. This is an initial approximation to the Strongest Dogs in the World compilation.

Now read ahead and discover this incredible countdown. Are you lucky enough to own one of these? Which one? Tell us about it. Share with your friends and Please don’t forget to give us a Like.

#10 American Staffordshire Terrier

#9 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

#8 Perro de Presa Mallorquin

#7 Fila Brasileiro

#6 Perro de Presa Canario

#5 Bullmastiff

#4 American Pit Bull Terrier

#3 Rottweiler

#2 Tosa Inu

Last but not least - #1 - PLAY VIDEO AND DISCOVER

(Source: YouTube channel Monthly Winners.)

We’ve had great comments on our Facebook Page, and here is one we’d like to share. It’s from Robert RamaSanto Sr.

Interesting video. I don’t find it completely accurate. I agree with other comments. ” Pound for Pound ” the American Pit Bull Terrier is the strongest domestic dog on the planet. There are stronger breeds, but they are also much larger. Number two would probably be the Tosa or American Bulldog. Also, I bred APBT’s for over 30 years, and I’m a bully breed and mastiff breed, specialist. 

There are a lot of parameters to be considered when comparing these large breeds, so a 1 to 10 classification such as the one we’ve shared does not necessarily have a rigorous scientific foundation. Please keep that in mind. But it was fun seeing these amazing animals. Wouldn’t you agree?

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