Dog chained to a wall set free after 10 years

Dog set free video below:


How would you expect him to react?

Jared Piper occasionally walked past a filthy neighborhood yard full of  rubbish and noticed a dog chained to a wall that he initially believed was an aggressive animal. As the days went by the dog caught his attention.  Jared decided he would start a friendly engagement with short visits, some treats and ear rubs through the fence.

It wasn’t long before Jared discovered that Rusty Diamond as he named the dog, was no a bit aggressive, just lacking love and affection. He also found out the dog had been permanently chained  to a wall for over a decade. This was Rusty’s life turning point. Jared convinced the owner to surrender the dog to him and from that point on Rusty’s life changed for better for the rest of his life.

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Jared couldn’t adopt Rusty himself, but he gave him a place to stay while they looked for an adoptive family. Meanwhile Rusty got all the medical care he needed and became a healthy, happy dog.

And then, amazingly, Jared found the perfect family for Rusty. A big house with a huge yard to run around in, loving humans and lots of doggie brothers and sisters. It was basically paradise for Rusty.

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Rusty probably had no idea what he was missing out on for the 10 or so years he lived chained up in a dirty yard, but as soon as he got a taste of the good life, he was hooked.

Now he has what every dog deserves — a loving, happy home. And it’s all because someone stopped to check on an unfriendly looking dog chained up in a stranger’s yard.

Anna Swartz

(Special thanks to Screenshots from the Vimeo video)