Bite Force – Which dog do you think is the Strongest?

Bite Force

Bite Force – Pressure you just do not want to take

People often wonder which dogs are the strongest in the canine world. Pulling power, pound for pound and sheer bite force, in most cases will determine a dog’s strength. Keep in mind, however, when it comes to defining which dogs are the strongest, comparisons won’t always be accurate or fair if they are not made on equal terms. In the weeks to come, ‘Dog Lovers Corner’ wishes to share an individual review on some of the worlds strongest dogs for your reference and enjoyment. If you like strong dogs, we hope you find yours on the list.

Bite Force:

An average human will exert a bite force of 120 to 150 pound of pressure.  This type of pressure also helps assess a dog’s overall power.  Therefore, bite force is a common method used to measure dog strength.  It’s not easy to get consistent results when dealing with any particular breed because dogs will not always bite with the same force. Provoking a dog, for example, will alter the final test results. The shape of their jaw and the size of their head will also determine their strength. (Be sure to watch the video we posted at the end of this article featuring the Top 10 Strongest Dog Bite Forces).

Following are some of the Strongest Breeds and their Bite Force Pressure.

Pit Bull – 235 pounds of pressure

Bite Force 01

German Shepherd – 238 pounds of pressure

Bite Force 02

Bite force is the scientific term for the measurement of the amount of pressure in a dog’s bite. Obviously, the greater the pressure a dog can exert, the more potential for damage there is to someone (or something) that is bitten. There are several factors that determine bite force, but scientists agree that the size of a dog’s head has a lot to do with the amount of pressure it can exert with its jaws.

The strength of the bite of a breed can’t be measured with any accuracy because you can’t teach a dog to bite with consistent force time after time. The bite will be different each time it is measured, and each dog will have a slightly different measurement. It is important to keep in mind that when the bite force of a breed is discussed, it can only be in a general way.

(source: – SxmsCelik)

Rottweiler – 328 pounds of pressure

Bite Force 03

Mastiff – 552 pounds of pressure

Bite Force 04

Bite Force increases as we move along. How about the following breed? Bite force of 743 pounds. Sounds almost insane!

Kangal – 743 pounds of pressure – This is a real Crusher.

Bite Force 04

And now, what we all have been waiting for:

THE TOP 10 Strongest Dog Bite Forces - Full Video Below

(source: SC Videos)

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