Pound for Pound Dog Strength Facts You should Know

Things to keep in mind when comparing Dog Strength between breeds

People often wonder who the strongest dogs in the Canine world are. Strength can ultimately be measured by pound for pound pulling power or sheer bite force. So when it comes to defining which dogs are the strongest, comparisons won’t always be accurate or fair, if they are not made on equal terms. Dog Lovers Corner wishes to share an individual review on some of the world’s strongest dogs in the weeks to come for your reference and enjoyment. If you like strong dogs, we hope you find yours on the list.


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Pound for pound strength:

The strongest dog breed pound for pound would be that dog breed which if all dogs were the same weight, would be the strongest. We measure dog strength ideally by how much weight the dog can drag or pull.

Dog Strenght

Pound for Pound, an American Pit Bull Terrier may well be the strongest dog in the world. A 25 kg APBT may not drag as much as a 50 kg Cane Corso, or a 70 kg Boerboel or a 60 Kangal but it will drag more than half, almost up to 60% what the heavier, larger dog can drag, meaning that if they were same weight, the APBT would drag much more.

Dog Strength

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  1. Luis says:

    I had my doubts about these small animals pulling such huge weights. I used to believe it was dangerous for their health, but I’ve done some research and found out that a proper preparation, training and special harness will avoid injuries. Remember that Huskies have been doing this for ages.

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