You’d say he has no where to go, but this Wiener Dog knows just what to do

Who would have thought this was even possible?

Short legs and long bodies are just what you don’t need if you want an athletic dog by your side. On the other hand if you appreciate cunning thinking and clever personality a Wiener Dog just might be the companion you’re looking for.

Have a look for yourself and see how this little fella, gets himself out of this intricacy. He doesn’t even have to give it a long thought. He’s highly motivated to greet his guardian and that’s all he needs.

See him in action:

And here he goes!

(DailyPicksandFlicks / You Tube)

Can you imagine your Great Dane doing this? I don’t think so! That’s thumbs up for the Dachshund family today. Way to go little guy.


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