How did this Siberian Husky Mom give a dying kitten a new chance?

They’re living like cats and dogs

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“She almost did not make it through the first night, even with round the clock care. She was lethargic and limp. So we decided to go out on a limb and let her cuddle extensively with Lilo. By some miracle, she started suckling on Lilo and Lilo went full ‘mom mode.”

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Rosie, a three-week old rescued kitten had no chance of surviving the night. She was ill and on the verge of imminent death. But miracles do happen, more than you can imagine. Lilo a Siberian Husky with no puppies of her own, adopted little Rosie and comforted her back to life. A week later Rosie was back on her feet and her eyes wide opened.

Rosie is now close to six months old and she and Lilo have become the best of friends. They live together with other family pets and the feline – canine combo is now a normal family combination.

We’ve always been thought that Dogs and Cats do not get along, but nature doesn’t necessarily obey to shallow human myths. Animals are animals and that’s their nature but they also answer to higher levels of understanding that most humans are only beginning to understand. Wouldn’t you agree?

“Huskies are notorious for their intense prey drive!! So please please don’t run out and get a kitten (or a husky) expecting them to be best friends.”

lilothehusky warns against trying to force it.

Lilo and Rosie

perra-adopta-a-gatito-6 Perra adopta a gatito sin esperanzas de sobrevivir


perra-adopta-a-gatito-2 Perra adopta a gatito sin esperanzas de sobrevivir

These are the new family ties

perra-adopta-a-gatito-5 Perra adopta a gatito sin esperanzas de sobrevivir

A walk in the park with Rosie

perra-adopta-a-gatito-9 Perra adopta a gatito sin esperanzas de sobrevivir

Source: boredpanda | lilothehusky

And if you want to see this family union in action don’t miss out on the following video. It will melt your heart. So please leave us your comments, share on Facebook or whatever your heart feels like doing. Thanks.



Source: Lilothehusky

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