Is it true friends are for a lifetime?

Dogs who mourn and wait for their owners to return…

The list grows day by day, and thanks to social media and the internet we become aware of similar stories happening all around the world. Yes. Stories about loyal friends that have lost their guardians and refuse to stop waiting for their return.

You might recall Danny the German Shepherd that lost Dave Ross – a Canadian Mountie, after being gunned down. Then there’s another German Shepherd called Capitán in Argentina, who left home and permanently settled at the local cemetery where Miguel Guzmán, his owner, was buried. And Navy Seal Jon Tumilson’s Labrador Retriever, who lay beside his master’s coffin during the funeral.

There are dozens if not more stories about a dog somewhere around the world who lost their master and decided to wait for his or her return. The place and characters change, but the guiding thread is always Dog Loyalty. Something so difficult to understand if you do not understand Dog Love first.

Here is a true and heartbreaking story about a dog named Spot. She waits for her owner and friend, Wayne Giroux who was killed by a drunk driver in 2010. Wayne won’t be returning but Spot will keep waiting.

If you understand Dog Loyalty, do not miss seeing this video.


Source: majchase’s channel. Screenshot taken from the same video.

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