Building Dog’s Self Confidence Through Mental Stimulation

Behavior specialist video below:


Remember: Mental Stimulation is as important as Physical Stimulation. Even More!

Most people are aware that physical exercise is of utmost importance for their dogs yet mental stimulation seems to be something highly unheard of. As a matter of fact, mental stimulation is often confused with activities such as throwing  a ball to be fetched or tug of war.

Mental stimulation however is anything that allows the dog to figure something out. It’s more of a riddle or puzzle that dogs can do such as sniffing for treats, that will activate their brain. Intelligent Toys are specially developed to help dog owners leverage these skills.

A very positive consequence of working on your dogs mental capacity is an increase in their self-confidence. This in turn improves their skills in other areas plus they become calmer. 

The following Video explains the importance of Mental Stimulation. Start working these exercises with your dog. Please share with friends and family and remember to Like us on Facebook. [fblike]

(source: Pet-Pocket and INDIEGOGO. Screenshot from Indegogo)


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