Guilty Pooch Hugs Owner Begging For Forgiveness

Guilty Dog Viral Video Below:


He Feels So Guilty And His Owner Refuses To Forgive Him

There is no doubt this pooch is totally guilty of some mischief. You can tell by his expression when his owner finds out and scolds him for his behavior. Boy is this lab feeling bad about it. Poor fellow. 

The owner is not about to give in to his dog’s remorse no matter how mushy he starts behaving. Well… at least for a minute or so. Who on earth could possibly remain unmerciful with this kind of plead for forgiveness?

Watch the VIDEO and get Ready for some awwws, laughs and tears. [fblike]

How long could you pretend to be angry before hugging your dog back with all your love? A minute? Two? Let us know.

Please share with your friends and let them know no matter what… ALWAYS love your dog! 

(source: Marpla You Tube Channel)

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