New Smashing Intelligent Dog Toys From Denmark

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Danish Start-Up Company Gives Dogs A New Toy

We’re very happy to learn that everyday people around the world are becoming highly aware of the importance providing pets with better care and stimulation is all about. We recently came across a Dog Lovers Corner fan based in Denmark who have developed a very creative concept designed to give dogs a mechanism to train and increase mental stimulation levels.

Pet-Pocket is a Start-Up company that has gathered a group of professionals dedicated to Dogs well-being. They have arduously worked on providing solutions for Dog owners with busy lifestyles who want to give their dogs mental  stimulation as well as physical stimulation. 

The solution they came up with is fabulous. Play the following footage and see how dogs who receive a Pet-Pocket Letter in the mail are in for a wonderful adventure.

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(source: Pet-Pocket You Tube Channel)

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