Base Jump ‘Whisper’ plunges in a Spectacular Wingsuit Flight


Dean Potter and Whisper Fly as One – Months before Potter’s Final flight

Freedom is a very wished for experience. People like Dean Potter chose to experience freedom in a way very few people will ever dare to explore.  

Potter had the vision and then he made it possible.  Dean and his Australian Cattle Dog – Whisper – shared the joy of being up there all by themselves. Twenty thousand pounds of straps held Whisper on Dean’s back and then came the dive. A death-defying base jump and a few seconds of eternal freedom wrapped inside a green wingsuit.

(VIDEO) – Watch this thrilling descent that started as fantasy and minutes later became actuality:

The climber, BASE jumper, and all-round risk-taker unveiled a trailer for his short film, When Dogs Fly, at the 2014 Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride. In the starring role is his Australian cattle dog, Whisper, who straps onto Potter’s back with her own pair of safety goggles as he wings through mountainous terrain.

Erin Berger –

Whisper and Dean on the Top of the World

DLC WS 271DLC WS 272

On Saturday evening, May 16, BASE jumpers Dean Potter and Graham Hunt died after attempting a wingsuit flight from Taft Point, a 7,500-foot promontory that overlooks Yosemite Valley and El Capitan.

Grayson Schaffer –

Whisper tightly packed away on Dean’s back seconds before the jump and safely being unpacked after the flight

DLC WS 274DLC WS 275source: National Geographic – You Tube



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