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Tip Top Tips for dogs and babies

Relax. Babies and dogs, even big dogs, are compatible. You do not have to find Rover a new home when Junior comes along. Just keep in mind that a proper preparation is necessary and a few basic rules will make this union the best for both.

Training is advisable before the baby is born. Study your dog’s personality profile and address any behavior issues well in advance. Learn to read and understand your dog’s body language so you can easily identify your pet’s reactions to certain stimuli. Get your dog in touch with baby noises and sounds. A walk to the park where children play can really help them to become acquainted with baby laughter and crying.  

Watch these tiny babies getting along with their Canine Big Brothers:

source: funnyplox You Tube channel

Create baby zones and dogs zones that each member will learn to respect. Gradually introduce your baby to your dog and never ever leave your baby unattended with a dog.  Rinse and Repeat. You’ll have best buddies for the rest of their lives.

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