Meeting for the first time. What could go wrong with these Kittens and Puppies?


Do cats and dogs hate each other?

In nature cats and dogs aren’t natural enemies nor are they prey to one another. They happen to have different personalities and when confronted they may behave in a way humans interpret as hate.

Understanding a dog doesn’t necessarily give you a clear insight on cat behavior and vice versa. So if you have always been a dog lover and decide to add a cat to the family, take some time to learn a thing or two about cats in order to guarantee a peaceful socializing process. Same goes for Cat Lovers.

The easiest way to make this bonding a true success would be to team them up at a very early stage in their lives. It’s not the only solution but it sure is a very gratifying one. If you have any doubts about this approach, get a very good look at this video.


source: BuzzFeedVideo

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