Why Wasn’t Tank Allowed On The Bus?

Pit Bull Service Dog And Veteran Could Not Take The Ride

Tank is a Pit Bull Service Dog under Purple Heart War Veteran Daniel Wright’s command. His tag proves he’s a service dog and by law he is allowed access to all means of public transportation.

Unfortunately both Tank and Wright were not allowed on the bus, despite the fact that Wright identified Tank as a registered service Dog.

The question is, was he not allowed on board because he’s a Dog or because he’s a Pit Bull?

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Veteran Daniel Wright travels everywhere with his service dog, Tank, without a problem. However, when he attempted to get on a New Jersey Transit bus this week, the driver told him dogs weren’t permitted.

Service animals, however, are allowed by law to go wherever their owner goes, even when using public transportation.

“I just need awareness brought that there’s a lot of veterans out here with service animals,” Wright told ABC.

Wright, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder…….. His pit bull, who wears a special vest and has a tag to prove he’s a registered service dog, helps him go about his day.

Anna Halkidis

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