[video] – Five things you have to know about your Pit Bull

5 things video below:


Are you a true Pit Bull Fan?

Being a Pit Bull caretaker, guardian or owner, whatever you call yourself, requires you to learn or already know particular traits about your dog.

No it’s not, “strong, mean, vicious, dangerous of fighting dogs”. Those are the characteristics people who do not own Pit Bulls account them for. And they are far, far from knowing the complete truth.

Pets and owners create a special bond that make them an inseparable “pack”. This special bond starts by knowing your dog just as they know you, simply by observing how you behave with and around them.

Watch this very short but moving video. If there are other things you know about your Pit Bull, please share them with us. Remember to share and please give us a Like. [fblike]

Special thanks to The Dodo You Tube Channel

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