Blackhawks player sponsors free pit bull clinic in Waukegan

The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation.

This Foundation has sponsored three clinics this year with the hopes of aiding people who cannot afford to spay and neuter their pit bulls. They also provide microchip technology and other pet care practices.

One of the main reasons why young pit bulls wind up on the streets or in shelters is because at some point they realize they do not have the financial capacity needed to provide their pets with proper care.

This Blackhawk Forward and his wife decided it was best to help people with medical costs than have them surrender their pets. This campaign is intended only for Pit bulls. Congratulations to their Foundation.

Read the following comments taken from the Chicago Tribune.



The Blackhawks forward and his wife’s foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about pit bulls. The foundation’s Chicago Loves Pits program offers free health clinics in targeted low-income areas.

“We know that a lot of people love their dogs and just want to take care of them, but they might not have the resources available to them for various factors. Maybe it’s age, maybe they don’t have a job currently,” said Alicia Boemi, the foundation’s executive director. “So in order to alleviate these dogs from winding up in shelters, we would just prefer to help their owners — who are very well-intentioned and love their dogs — but just aren’t fit to take care of them for whatever reason.”

Animal Control Director Susan Elliot, … said pit bulls are the most commonly euthanized dog in the U.S., and the average pit bull is brought to a shelter before it’s 1-year-old. “It’s just enough already,” Elliot said. “So many are getting euthanized today. In Chicago, the numbers are mind-blowing of dogs getting euthanized a week.”

Angelica LaVito – News-Sun

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune Online for this great Article.





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