Uggie – ‘Dog’ in The Artist – takes his talent to Heaven

Uggie dies at the age of 13

Uggie at the age of 13, was put to sleep last Friday, August 7th after his owner took the heartbreaking decision of letting him go. It was a tough call for his owner (Omar Von Muller), but it was best for Uggie, who had been struggling with a prostate cancer for some time.

Even though Uggie had starred in several motion pictures, his greatest moment as a Canine Star was portraying ‘Dog’ in Michel Hazanavicius’s 2012 Oscar winning movie “The Artist”. For his magnificent role, Uggie was awarded a Golden Collar Award and the Palm Dog Award at Cannes.

Dogs like Uggie, are followed by thousands, even millions of fans, who see in a smart, tender animal like him, a true manifestation of love and loyalty. Uggie, you will always be remembered and loved.

Top dog: Uggie at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2012 after his most famous film roll in The Artist

 Uggie at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2012 after his most famous film roll in The ArtistTributes: Uggie the dog had to put down after suffering from a tumor on his prostate

The Jack Russell star of the hit silent film The Artist had been struggling with a tumor before his owner made the agonizing decision on Friday. The 13-year-old star, who played ‘Dog’ in the 2012 Oscar winning film died in Los Angeles.

The popular dog retired shortly after his starring role because of a debilitating illness that cut short his career.

His owner, Omar Von Muller, plucked the little dog from obscurity at the age of two, when he’d been rejected by two different owners and he appeared to be on a one-way street to the dog pound. However, Omar took him in, on what was supposed to be a temporary basis, and ended up keeping him and training him to appear in movies.

Uggie appeared in What’s Up, Scarlet?, Wassup Rockers, and Mr. Fix It, before he got his big break starring with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in the romantic drama Water for Elephants.

His first named role as Queenie helped him win the part in multi-award winning movie, The Artist.

Being a silent film, the dog’s vocal range doesn’t come into play, but his physical prowess and comedy timing does.

Tributes: Missi Pyle, James Cromwell, Beth Grant and Uggie at 1st Annual Golden Collar Awards in California

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