Hulk’s new litter valued at $500.000

Hulk is still a puppy, but weighs 175 lb. and is father of 8

Hulk, the world’s largest Pit Bull, born less than two years ago is a key member in the Grannan family. Marlon, his wife Lisa and their 3-year old son, Jordon, live very happily with this 175 lb. pit bull that has made international headlines.

The Grannan family is specialized in breeding and training American Pit Bull Terriers. “Dark Dynasty K9s”  kennel is their family business, attending clients around the world who seek protection dogs. They train intimidating dogs who can protect with their sole appearance, but are not intended to be aggressive nor dangerous. That’s what good training is all about.

Now Hulk has fathered a new litter of 8 puppies that will have an estimated worth value of a half a million dollar once fully trained at their caretakers kennel located in New Hampshire, USA.

Hulk, a 175-pound pit bull made international headlines earlier this year, and now he’s back as a loving father. The giant pup has had several puppies of his own, but they are worth more than just cuddles and kisses. These puppies are worth over half a million dollars.

Hulk’s owner shows the camera how powerful his companion is with a plush bite guard. You can see the sheer power he has when he goes in for a chomp. Although Hulk is known for his brawn, you should know that pit bulls are nothing like their aggressive reputation. They can make lovely family pets, and Hulk’s personality is only further proof of the breed’s caring nature.


source: Barcroft TV – You Tube

If you had an extra $500.000 lying around you just might want to invest in Hulk’s new litter, or you might want to put your cash in real-estate. But just how much can you get for $500.000? Here are some ideas you might consider:



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