Golden Retriever Puppies running for dinner, star a 9-Month time-lapse film

Golden retriever puppies

A 9-month, weekly filming session turns out to be a One minute and a half Loving Video

These two growing pups are Colby and Bleu, a couple of Golden Retriever puppies running for dinner, night after night.  The scene was filmed again and again for a period of 9 months. Their owner strategically prepared this 9-month time-lapse video and enhanced it with a great soundtrack.

The camera is right behind the dog bowls in every single filming session. The lighting is almost the same in every time-slot. Notice how one of the pups always seems to show up first. The kitchen cloth hanging on the right side of the frame is the only element that actually changes on the set.

This time-lapse video captures a quick evolution from puppies to full grown dogs in just nine months. In addition to seeing their growth, enjoy the excitement these two Goldies share at Dinner Time.

Watch the video. We’re sure you’ll play it more than once.

source: Cheese Pups YouTube Channel

Important Golden Retriever Feeding Facts:

As golden retriever puppies grow, so too do their appetites.  If your puppy consistently finishes all of the food offered, then begin increasing the amount feed, 1/4 cup at a time.  Some golden retriever  puppies eat a lot, others eat less.  Growing golden retrievers can eat what seems to be a phenomenal amount (we’ve had a couple of male golden retriever pups which actually got up to 8 or 10 cups a day in their seventh and eighth months).  Just be careful not to overfeed.  It is important that golden retrievers not become overweight.  You should be able to feel it ribs quite readily when s/he is standing, by running your hands along it’s sides.  You should not have to “poke in” with your fingers.


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