Introducing Kids To Dogs -The BEST Tips to Master


You must know this before your kids meet their Dog for the first Time

Thank God that day has finally arrived. Today Pooch is joining the family and your kids are exhilarated to say the less. Today the household starts a new family page. The kids are happy, Mom and Dad are nervous and Pooch doesn’t really know what to expect.

Here are a few practical tips you can use to guide you through the process of introducing kids to dogs. The idea is to make this moment magical, where everyone will benefit – specially Pooch, after all he’s the only Canine in the family.

Dog Lovers Corner strongly encourages you to previously take some time to have a few family prep sessions that will allow basic insights on owning a dog, specially if your children have never had one before. Learn about the kind of food dogs can and cannot eat, dog potty training, how to clean up their messes, places dogs will be off-limits and those they will be allowed.  Make these prep research sessions a family game and let your kids participate as much as possible.

Introducing Kids to Dogs – Our TOP Recommendations and TIPS:

1. Make a List of Dos and Do Nots

General tips for approaching and interacting with dogs are essential for your child’s and your new puppy’s safety. Important advice includes speaking to pups gently, not crawling into cages, and not interrupting meals or sleep time.

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2. Study a thing or two on Dog Body Language

Review body language signals your dog may give like growling, tail wagging, and barking. This will help your child understand how your dog is feeling and what message they are trying to convey.

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3. Parents should always Supervise Playtime

It is important to always monitor interactions between your child and dog for your child’s safety, and to also make sure no little feet are using the dog as a step-stool.

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4. Put yourself in your Dog’s Paws

Walk through your house with your family, keeping in mind things a dog may be able to reach or chew. This will help you create a safe puppy environment and teach your kids to keep things they don’t want gobbled out of sight.

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5. Bringing Pooch Home

The day has come! It’s finally time to welcome the snuggle butt into your home. Let your dog sniff around to become acclimated with his new home and approach members of your family on his own to feel more comfortable.

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