[Video] – Scared to walk in the kitchen and find a Bengal Tiger?

Paws 02

Honey… who let the Tiger in the Kitchen?

This German Shepherd walks into the kitchen as usual and finds a middle-sized tiger quietly sitting on the floor without making the slightest sound.

Needless to say, the tiger is invading the Shepherd’s territory and that alone is enough for this dog to feel uneasy. But that silent stare is making him crazy. He is absolutely annoying to say the least.

Well it turns out the Tiger is a very lifelike stuffed toy but the shepherd doesn’t get it. Will he attack? Will he flee? If you know German Shepherds you can probably guess what happens.

Hit PLAY and see for yourself. OMG!

(source: You Tube video by Charley Shankar. Screenshot from the same video)

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