[VIDEO] – Homeless Man Suffers Epileptic Attack – See What Spike Does

It Happened In Brazil – True Story

Well we’re not sure the source is accurate, but the story says, this little guy’s name is Spike. His owner, or guardian as we prefer to call them, was rescued after suffering a seizure. The ambulance took off, but guess who was left behind?

Spike’s owner is a homeless man, who surely loves and cares for his dog. After seeing these scenes, there is no doubt this is true. The good thing is that the paramedics became aware of Spike and allowed him to jump on board.

Stories such as these are truly heartwarming. What ever happened to Spike and his guardian is part of a story we are researching. Hopefully something will come up and we’ll be glad to share it with everyone.

Do NOT leave without seeing this true story. 



Special Thanks to Correio Braziliense for posting this You Tube Video. Screenshot taken from the video.

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