The top 10 Facts you absolutely do not know about dogs

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Well, you probably know one or two. tops. But the rest are Mind Blowing

We are all familiar about our dog’s special ability to sniff their way to prey, drugs and even bombs. And how they can hear a whisper from a large distance or how acute their eyesight really is. But there’s more than meets the eye about your dog.

We’ve put together a small collage of facts and images that will give you even more reasons to love and admire the pet you’ve chosen to live with you and your family. Yes facts, facts, and more facts, but these are fun and mind-blowing.

How many of these facts were you not truly aware of? Let someone else know. They might enjoy it too. Share!

Fact No. 1

Strays in Russia have figured out how to use the subway system in order to travel to more populated areas in search of food

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Fact No. 2

Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged as much as humans and other primates. Canines interpret this as a sign of dominance.


Fact No. 3

The Beatles song “A day in the Life” has an extra high-pitched whistle, audible only to dogs. It was recorded by Paul McCartney for the enjoyment of his Shetland sheepdog.


Fact No. 4

Service dogs are trained to know when they are on duty. When their harness is on, they know it’s business time. When you take it off, the pups immediately become playful and energetic.

service harness

Fact No. 5

Seeing eye dogs pee and poo on command so that their owners can clean up after them. On command pups will pace back and forth until they do their business.


Fact No. 6

In ancient China, an emperor’s last line of defense was a small Pekingese dog literally hidden up his sleeve.


Fact No. 7

Dogs have an extraordinary ability to overcome physical impairment. Naki’o, lost all of his legs to frostbite in Colorado, but now has four prosthetic legs and can run around like normal.

Naki'o, a dog with four prosthetic devices, poses for a photo in Colorado Springs

Fact No. 8

The wetness of a dog’s nose is essential for determining what direction a smell is coming from.

dog nose

Fact No. 9

Spiked dog collars were invented in ancient Greece and were originally designed to protect dogs throats from wolf attacks.

greece dog

Fact No. 10

The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year old child. He can understand up to 250 words, count up to five, and perform easy mathematical calculations.

Source: BarkPost

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