Pit Bulls Have Locking Jaws and 7 Other LIES

See 8 Lie Video Below:


You Have Been Told 8 Lies About Pit Bulls – Now Listen to 8 Truths

You’ve heard at least one of the following lies about Pits if not all eight. If you own a Pit Bull you’ve probably heard a lot more but you have hundreds of facts and personal experiences to disprove each one.

We at Dog Lovers Corner love every single breed and mix there is and we have no preference for any one in particular. We do however, have a personal mission with Pits and that is to show the friendly face of these 4 legged angels.  We hate the overwhelming bad press they get, so we provide a haven of peace here at our site.

Which of the following Lies do you despise the most and how would you refute it based on your knowledge and personal experience with Pits. Let us know and share your comments with us.

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