Do You love the quality food you feed your dog?

Paws 02

How would you know? Ever tasted it?

What’s best for your pet when deciding what to feed him? That’s a question most Dog Lovers will ask themselves, but will rarely have the right answer. Processed food, fresh food?

The market is full of products to choose from and most owners will buy their pet’s food judging by the packaging, publicity or their vet’s recommendation. Face it. When have you tasted your pet’s food before buying it.

These people were invited to participate in a blind test and they did not know they would be eating dog food. By the look on their face you could tell if the food is good for dogs. Would you be willing to do this? We’d like to know?

The cute little girl with the bright grey eyes makes the most spectacular comments.

(source: Freshpet YouTube Channel)

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