Did You Do This?

There is a special Language we have with our pets but it´s not necessarily WORDS.

You can’t deny that having Dogs around the house is something that fill the atmosphere with fun and joy. Even when these guys destroy the home decor.

At younger ages they will chew anything they get their paws on, specially if left alone for hours while your out there trying to make ends meet. So after waiting for a while for you to get back home without any result, they´ll do next best thing: CHEW.

So don´t get angry or discouraged if you get home and find your new Gucci shoes didn’t make it through the day safely. Pet your dog, laugh at his guilty look and take him for a long walk. Word of advise, put you next best pair of shoes in a locked closet.

Want to see a bunch of guiltily dogs faces? Watch this video and share with friends.

Special thanks to funnyplox for posting this video on YouTube.

The screenshot taken from the same video.

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