After A 20 Block Walk This Dog Sneaks Into The Hospital To See Owner

Sissy Captured On Surveillance Video

Sissy a miniature schnauzer, escaped home when Nancy Frank’s husband let her out for a pee. Well she peed alright, and right afterwards set out for a twenty block walk in search of her owner.

The dog reached Mercy Medical Center where Nancy Frank was being treated for cancer. The elevator door stopped the animal, but was finally allowed to see her guardian.

Stories such as these are amazing and demonstrate

How and when she did it is explained in the following article. Share to those who care.

A dog in Cedar Rapids, Iowa escaped from her home, walked nearly 20 blocks and ran into a hospital looking for her owner who is there being treated for cancer.

Sissy, a miniature schnauzer, was captured on surveillance video walking through Mercy Medical Center’s doors and into the hospital lobby.

Nancy’s husband, Dale, was letting Sissy and her brother Barney out to go to the bathroom when Sissy must have escaped…..

“I didn’t think they could do it,” Nancy Frank told the news organization. “I thought dogs could find their way home, but this one found the hospital.”

Hospital security allowed Sissy up to Nancy’s room for a visit.

Jessica Durando, USA TODAY Network

Special Thanks to USA Today for the complete Article.

Photo: Mercy Medical Center

Penny Horcher for posting the YouTube Video. Screenshot from the same video.



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