(VIDEO) – “Tail” about the Bull Terrier hanging out with the “Chics”


They said Bull Terriers were Mean and Nasty and then we found this Video!

Watch the video and then read about the Bull Terrier’s personality and behavioral traits. This is a magnificent breed and if you own a Bull Terrier or plan to have one, it’s always good to investigate and learn about their temperament and best cares. This way you will know what to expect from them and how to provide the best environment for their proper development.

The fighting branches of the Bull Terrier’s family tree have withered away, and the modern breed is a loving, loyal, clown of a dog who makes an excellent family companion for those with active lifestyles. They love being with people and want to be included in all family activities whether it’s a ride in the car, a neighborhood stroll or a romp in the park.DLC WS 219

Activity Requirements

Bullies need a lot of vigorous exercise. Though short and stocky, they are a hardy breed and are happiest when they are active. Long walks, short runs, or playing long games of ball in the back yard will meet their daily activity requirements. If a Bull Terrier is not getting enough exercise, they are sure to let you know.

Separation Anxiety develops often in Bull Terriers. It is important that this breed get enough exercise throughout the day and have enough activities to keep them busy when left alone, or they will become destructive.

Behavioral Traits
Bull Terriers are possessive of their people and their territory and can be aggressive to other animals. They are usually fine with dogs of the opposite sex, but cats and same-sex dogs should not be introduced into a Bull Terrier’s home.

They can also be food aggressive. Children should be taught not to approach a Bull Terrier during mealtime.

Bull Terriers love to play, and kids can have a blast with them for hours on end. Small children should always be supervised, though, because this breed can be very rambunctious and can accidentally cause an injury. They also have short fuses. When a Bull Terrier is teased or pushed too hard to do something he doesn’t want to do, he will snap or bite.

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(source: Video – NyHeeter24)

(source: PetWave)

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