This Technique is Called Spin ‘n’ Poop

Spin ‘n’ Poop video below:

Paws 02Never thought there could be so much theory around a simple Dog Poop

Dog Lovers have you ever stopped to think about why your dog spins around before doing stuff? Well if you haven’t there are plenty of researcher who have. And here is what they found:

The North-South alignment theory is great. How dogs sense the magnetic field is a mystery as is why cows graze in that same direction. And why they avoid East-West is more bizarre.

The fact of the matter is a simple poop entangles a whole bunch of science, that most people don’t really care about. Summing up, who gives a poop why dogs spin before pooping. Just remember to take your dogs on long walks and let them decide how they want to do it.

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(source: DNews Channel. Screenshot taken from the same video)

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