Surviving Rottweiler Stands Guard By Crash Site Waiting For Two Weeks


Her hope was to reunite with her five Family Members

When ever you have trouble defining the word ‘LOYALTY’ just remember what you learned from this story about a Rottweiler and five other family members who suffered a tragic car accident.

Ella was launched from the car at the time of the accident and wondered loose scavenging for food for two weeks. She stood guard by the crash site waiting for her family to come back.

Ella was rescued by Kathy Wilkes who had the courage to undergo a thorough investigation, unveil the mystery and reunite Ella with her family. This is just another example of what true Loyalty means, and no one better to demonstrate it than a loving dog.

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Kathy has rescued over 1000 dogs, but she knew something was different about this one. He didn’t act like a typical stray, so when she went to the place she found him there was evidence that it was an accident site.

Kathy had seen this accident and believed no one could have survived, but as she contacted authorities, she found the happy news that indeed this dog’s family was alive.

(source: FaithTap)