Mobility Service Dog teams up with a Fourth Grader with rare genetic disease


(VIDEO) – This Great Dane makes a young girl’s life truly Great

Bella Burton was only two when she was diagnosed with a rare bone disease known as Morquio Syndrome. This condition drastically  impaired her mobility. She was unable to walk without assistance.

Morquio Syndrome is a genetic condition in which the body is missing an important enzyme that is needed to break down sugar molecules. A buildup of these molecules can lead to organ damage, abnormal bone development, and dwarfism, according to the NIH. Morquio Syndrome is a degenerative disease, which means it worsens with age.

At the age of 10, Bella meets George for the first time. George, a 131 lb Great Dane was found by Bella and her mother at the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It was love at first sight and the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

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“For some reason, George fell in love with her,” Burton says. “They’re the best of buds, those two. They make a great team.”

Thanks to George a trained Mobility Service Dog, Bella has been able to leave her crutches and her wheelchair. George is someone Bella can hold and lean on safely, making her life easier to confront. 

Watch this Video and see how George and Bella make a perfect couple:

George, a 16-month-old Great Dane, has been Bella’s constant companion since he came to live with the Burton Family in January. He attends classes with the fourth grader at Reeves Elementary School and accompanies her on her weekly visits to Boston Children’s Hospital, where she receives an infusion of enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) every Wednesday. 

“He basically follows wherever she goes. They sleep together in bed every night,” she says. “He really is very protective and takes good care of her.” (Andrea Timpano)

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