In this Corner ‘The Cane Corso’ and in this Corner ‘The Dogo Argentino’

The Question People Always Ask: “Who´s the Strongest?”

Most people judge strength by the size and apparent viciousness of large breeds, but nothing so far from reality. In order to compare and determine what breed is the strongest there are a handful of factors to take into consideration:

  • Size (weight and height)
  • Strength (bite force and pulling power)
  • Speed and Agility
  • Endurance

Then there are additional factors you can compare between breeds, not necessarily dealing with strength but just as important: general health, guarding, intelligence, loyalty, adaptability.

Now having this in mind, which of these two spectacular dogs would you say is the STRONGEST? The Cane Corso or the Dogo Argentino? Watch the complete video below and see if you are right.


source: Real Dog Supreme

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