Don’t let your dog go stray this July 4th

July 4th

Looking Forward to July 4th? - Your Dog probably is not.

Veterinary Centers throughout America experience an increase in patients seeking some kind of medication this time of year. Vets encourage owners to follow a few tips to keep their pets safe this July 4th:

  1. Does your dog wear an up-to-date ID tag on his or her collar? Is it visible?
  2. Take a photograph of your dog just in case he makes a run for it during the celebration.
  3. Walk your dog and exercise him early in the day, before party time.
  4. If you have fireworks around the house, be sure to have them someplace a curious dog won’t find.
  5. It’s actually best to leave your dog at home in a confined area. Leave some soft music playing. Classical music actually helps pets calm down.
  6. Leave your dog a treat he can nibble on during fireworks.

The Fourth of July is the busiest time of year for animal shelters.

Please remember there are a lot of dogs who have gone astray for one reason or the other. Don’t let this happen to your best friend this July 4th. Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter has posted a beautiful video as a 4th of July Celebration reminding Dog Lovers to keep their pets safe. If you don’t happen to own a dog, Ouachita Parish Animal shelter is a good option to look for one. Or just visit the closest Animal Shelter near your home, you will surely find a great candidate.

July 4th VIDEO:

(Thanks to: Brad Renee Dowhaniuk for sharing this video on his YouTube Channel – Screenshots from this same video)

If you have friends or family members who own pets, please share this post with them. They will surely share with someone else and soon enough a lot of cats and dogs will be happily celebrating America’s Independence Day.