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The Dogo Argentino was the dream of 17-year-old Antonio Nores Martinez of Argentina. He wanted to create a big-game hound that would be suited to the diverse terrain of his home country, rugged mountains, harsh plains, and beautiful lake country. Starting with the Fighting Dog of Cordoba — an amalgam of Mastiff, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and Boxer that is now extinct — he mixed in other breeds to accentuate height, scenting ability, speed, hunting instinct, and a sociable nature.

Nores Martinez wanted to breed out the Cordoba dog’s desire to fight and replace it with hunting ability. To that end, he started in 1927 with 10 Cordoban bitches, using a mix of different breeds to create his ideal dog.

The Dogo was created by adding blood from these 10 different breeds.  Each breed was not equal parts of the final breed but each added its own strength:
  • 1) Fighting Dog of Cordoba, to which he added blood from
  • 2) Pointer to give him a keen sense of smell which would be essential for the hunt.
  • 3) The Boxer added vivacity and gentleness;
  • 4) Great Dane – it’s size;
  • 5) Bull Terrier, fearlessness;
  • 6) Bulldog gave it an ample chest and boldness;
  • 7) Irish Wolfhound brought – it’s instinct as a hunter of wild game;
  • 8) Dogue de Bordeaux – contributed it’s powerful jaws;
  • 9) Great Pyrenees – it’s white coat and
  • 10) Spanish Mastiff gave it’s quota of power.

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Image: Valeria Ayvar – flickr

The breed’s first public appearance took place at the “Hunting Dog Show,” organized by the “Buenos Aires Hunters Club” on grounds of the Argentine Rural Society, September 28, 1947. 

The original standard for the breed had been published in the May 1947 issue of Diana Magazine, No. 89, pp. 28-40, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Antonio Nores Martinez passed away tragically November 2, 1956, his dream somewhat to be fulfilled. 

The breed is currently a member of the American Kennel Club’s Miscellaneous Class, the final step before full AKC recognition.

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Fighting Dog of Cordoba – Wikimedia commons

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