Here are 48.000 reasons why dogs are not the best Christmas gifts

best Christmas gifts

Best Christmas Gifts

Most kids love dogs. Young couples love dogs. Families love dogs. Let’s face it. Almost everyone loves dogs. Dogs are cute, loving, playful, and heartwarming. However, despite all these positive attributes, they simply do not make the ‘Best Christmas Gifts’ list for this Season. So if you have them jotted down on your shopping list, you better cross them out.  

best Christmas gifts

Buying a Dog as a present for someone on Christmas can be a rewarding experience. After all, what can be better than giving someone you love, something you consider is the best Christmas gift ever? It’s no secret Dogs are a true synonym of the word LOVE. But wait a minute. Does this mean love can be bought, put in a box and gift wrapped? Unfortunately, the answer is: NO.


Reasons why dog don’t make good Christmas gifts

The person who receives the Puppy isn’t really expecting such an awesome gift, and the truth be said, they’re not too hyped about this new commitment. Their life was great up to that day. They had a normal daily routine they were fine with. They’re not really sure what they are getting into, but won’t say a word fearing they might hurt the givers feelings. And that’s probably where the unavoidable nightmare begins for the “gift”. In other words, for the puppy.

best Christmas gifts

As the days start going by, the new daily responsibilities concerning the new pet start kicking in and doubts about this relationship begin to grow. The commitment feels overwhelming. Owning a dog (or any pet for that matter) is totally different from caring for a stuffed animal. A dog is a living creature that needs proper care and enormous amounts of patience and love. So what happens to him if the new owner isn’t prepared, or simply isn’t willing to give in to this way of life?

Here are the other 47.999 Reasons (VIDEO)

Watch the following video carefully and discover what is happening to thousands of pets who are given as presents during the Christmas Season. It’s not an exaggeration, rather a cruel truth that can easily be avoided simply by taking PETS off the “Best Christmas Gifts” list.

source: Jameson Notodofilmfest

48.000 plus dogs given as Christmas gifts are abandoned each year. Abandoning a pet is an extremely cruel act. If you are considering a Dog as a Christmas present this year, please carefully think it over.

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