Learn How Small Babies and Big Dogs Can Get Along

Babies and big dogs

What To Expect When Having Babies And Big Dogs

First-time pregnant dog owners usually have second thoughts about keeping their pet once the baby is born. The feeling is only natural, especially when it involves babies and big dogs. However, this new experience doesn’t have to become a nightmare for the parents nor the pet. It is all about putting a  pinch of planning and goodwill into action. Surely some household adjustments have to be implemented but nothing that a loving mom/dad and pet owner can’t handle.

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Things you can plan beforehand

Simple behavioral commands such as come, sit, stay, down, can be worked on before the baby is born. They will come in handy to keep their dog calm once the daily baby activities begin.

Make sure the dog’s four paws are on the ground whenever the baby is around. This simple tip significantly reduces stress and risk when babies and big dogs are together.

Imagine how difficult it is for new parents to become accustomed to their new baby’s crying and screaming. Just think how a dog will feel with those new, extremely high pitch noises? It’s only natural they will feel uncomfortable.

It helps to do some planning ahead:

  • Walk your pet in parks where moms and their newborns visit. 
  • Finding and playing baby noise audios is extremely easy to do.
  • Shop for baby noise CDs or download tracks straight from the internet. 

Now for the nose. It is essential to learn to deal with your dog’s most developed sense. Babies smell special. Teaching your dog well in advance how babies smell, will help make this new acquaintance.

  • Expose your dog to baby scents by letting him/her smell all the new baby equipment and gear.
  • Allow them to walk around and explore the new baby’s room way before the child is born.

Babies and big dogs

Things your doctor might be concerned about when it comes to babies and big dogs

Some obstetricians might recommend getting rid of pets when the baby arrives.  They’ll try to advise against unnecessary allergies and injuries caused by household pets. It is their duty as medical practitioners. However, there are things to learn and do to this respect.

  • Studies have shown that early exposure to allergens can help build resistance to allergies.
  • Pregnant moms who live with pets are transmitting this resistance to their babies before they are even born.

A report published on June 6th, 2014 in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, reveals that early exposure to bacteria and certain allergens may have a protective effect by shaping children’s immune responses. Infants exposed to rodent and pet dander, roach allergens and a wide variety of household bacteria in the first year of life appear less likely to suffer from allergies.

(Johns Hopkins Medicine)

So why put your dog out on the street or surrender them to a shelter when you discover your baby is on its way? The best alternative is to learn how to cope with this new experience. After all, owning a dog is meant to be a lifelong bond. Some parents will be overwhelmed by the new experience others will take things naturally. It all boils down to being responsible parents and deserving pet owners. Why not give yourself the opportunity to learn about animal behavior and teach your children respect and proper care for animals?

Babies and big dogs playing – AWESOME VIDEO

We want to share a beautiful video that compiles the great things that pet owners and new parents can expect to see around the house if they decide to be courageous and take the necessary measures to make things work.

(Source: YouTube Channel – BabiezTV)

(Source: Dog and baby -1- Hypedojo)

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