Apps for ROVER – What a Technological World – But does he Like it?


What else is next? – This Little Dachshund Will show you

It’s true. Technology integrated into mobile devices has revolutionized communications and information all around the world. Just take a look around this instant and count how many heads are locked into a 5 inch screen playing around with their phone apps. See what I mean?

This little fella is pounding on an iPad, playing around with his new app: Game for Dogs. And if you’re considering getting it for your dog, better look into buying some type of Gorilla Screen Protector or something, otherwise say goodbye to your tablet or mobile phone.

In any case this little guy is having a blast. You will most likely get a nice smile on your face or a good laugh. If your pet is of a larger size, let’s say Pit Bull size, he probably won’t enjoy this app. He’s bound to have more fun chewing up your phone.

Now if you want to see the app in all its splendor be sure to watch the following video:

source: DailyPicksandFlicks – Eric Jasso – You Tube Channels

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