10 of the best dog memes on the web

The 10 BEST Below:


These Top 10 ‘Hand-Picked’ Memes Will Make Your Day

Memes are inherent to Internet, that’s a fact. Memes explain how cultural information spreads. They are common to our modern ‘smartphone’ life and as long as technology continues to grow – and it will – so will these means of communication. We laugh at some and hold other dear to our heart. Every walk of life has its own and the Dog Lovers World is no exception.

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Dog Meme 02Dog Meme 01Dog Meme 07Dog Meme 05Dog Meme 04

Still Five very Good ones to go

Why is it that people always leave the best for last? Well here they are:[fblike]

Dog Meme 03

Dog Meme 06

Dog Meme 10

Dog Meme 09

Dog Meme 11

Which one did you like best? Tell us about it, we’d like to know.


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