12 Doghouses you should consider seeing before Building or Buying


Let’s face it, there will be a time when Rover will want to move out. And you better be ready.

So when that moment comes, why not have something wild and “extra”-ordinary in mind he can enjoy indoors or outdoors? There’s something here for every size and personality.

Why not consider doghouses bit more extravagant than the common house-shaped shed we’ve always seen lying around in most backyards? It’s worth the try. Plus you can give your nosy neighbors something to talk about.

I prefer my dog sleeping inside, but hey… Pooch just might be needing a place of his own, so if any of these ideas ring a bell, it might turn out to be a great weekend DIY project.

#1 Modern and Futuristic

casa en forma de cubo para perro con ventanas

2. Two Story Doghouse

casa del jarin para perrito con un gallo en el techo

#3 For the more sophisticated

casa de los perros de paris hilton

#4 What else would you expect for a couple of French Bulldogs?

casa de perro en forma de la torre eiffel

#5 The Wild West will always be an inspiration

casa de madera estilo vaquero

#6 Check out the Cool Jacuzzi!

mansion con jacuzzi para perro

#7 Now this is something a Big Guy will probably enjoy

casa para perro en forma de cabaña hecha de madera

#8 Balcony with a view

casa para perro de dos pisos con escalera

#9 For a more “Homey” feel

casa y cama para perro original con escaleras

#10 You gotta be kidin’ me!

mansion con techos de teja para un perro

#11 These Fish will never have a Cat come close

casa para perro en forma de un acuario

#12 My Favorite. Finally a great solution for that lost under-the-stairs space!

casa para perro bajo las escaleras dentro de una casa

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(source: In the dog house – recreoviral)

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